Hello There!

A very warm welcome to my green corner.

I created this platform to help raise awareness on protecting our environment.

I believe everyone can contribute to improving the way we handle our home planet. The way we have been living in the past decades has contributed to land and air pollution, deforestation, and water contamination. If we don’t change our lifestyle our descendants won’t have a decent planet to live on. we see the increase in lung diseases, asthma, the number of species that are extinguishing. the proofs are there. Even if there wasn’t any if there is a way for you to generate less waste why would you not take it.

We are able to breathe because of nature then why are we destroying the main thing that is keeping us alive? What future are we leaving for future generations? Sometimes it is because people are not aware of their actions and consequences. It is simply like the butterfly effect, one small action can have catastrophic consequences.

The amount of waste that exists and continuously generated is insane. Unfortunately, it is either left on land, buried in it or thrown in the sea. When it’s buried don’t forget that it will always stay there, and it’s remains will affect the ground. Ground that maybe will be used for plantation in the future.

It is very sad to see the deforestation that is happening and the many animals that are affected. There should be a way for nature and humans to coexist. The amount of deforestation that is happening in order to get more land for urban living is unnecessary. There are many abandoned properties in many countries. Why not make laws and policies that verify the ownership and the use of the property instead of killing of trees? This is just an initial idea but I am sure there are other alternatives. What they need is exposure on several platforms. The Green Corner is one of those platforms.

“Together we are strong”

Let’s contribute in any way we can to help our planet and learn the green way!

Go Green

I look forward to sharing the green way with you and hope you enjoy my website. Of course, if you have any ideas of your own or ideas for collaboration and/or partnership feel free to send me an email at info@the-green-corner.com

Looking forward to speaking to all of you.

Kind regards,

Dira, Founder of the-green-corner.com

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