Planet Earth & Its Self-Proclaimed Saviors Part 2

Planet Earth & Its Self-Proclaimed Saviors Part 2

Planet Earth & Its Self-Proclaimed Saviors Part 2

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In the first installment of “Planet Earth & Its Self-Proclaimed Saviors” we discussed the documentary “Planet of the Humans”. In this second installment, we will look into the development of renewables. We will also look into the struggle to maintain our natural resources and wildlife when corporations are destroying them, And we’ll discuss how we look up at politicians, philanthropists, and celebrities as saviors when we should identify who are the real saviors of our planet earth.

Development of Renewables

What do we know about the renewable energy industry?

We know that the second phase of renewable energy development which is finding ways to power heavy industries like steelmaking and concrete manufacturing is in progress. If these industries can be converted, even partially, the entire premise of the documentary “Planet of the Humans” falls apart. Renewable energy is a young industry compared to coal, gas, and nuclear but they are making progress. We also know that the wealthy have almost taken over the complete industry making it very difficult for the small micro-business owners to thrive.

Now, let’s talk about electric cars.  The concept of electric cars is considered a great initiative to globally reduce petrol consumption. However, the battery installed in these cars and the electricity consumed to charge it questions the concept of green energy behind them. To be fair there are two sides to this, there are countries where they use solar energy to generate electricity to recharge the battery, but this green technology is not an obligatory practice. And there are places where they use traditional electricity which may make it more expensive to have an electric car.

Regarding the battery, there are still projects ongoing as many car brands are considering investing in their own electrical cars. But you still have deal with the battery waste problem. What will we do with all the batteries when their product lifecycle is finished? We already have that problem with normal batteries, if we do nothing the situation will remain the same and would still have to dispose the battery waste in some way. And in most cases the options are not environmentally friendly.

There are numerous researches that emphasize the transmission to renewable energy or green energy and label it as a critical factor to increase the overall life of planet earth. However, most of the companies throughout the world that say they have plans to transmission are merely selling the idea of green energy operations by shifting their focus towards fossil fuels and other resources in order to make their products look friendly to the environment.

Instead, we should focus on those new companies that provide alternative solutions for green energy that existing companies are trying very hard to take your attention from them:

Cactus-Based Bio-fuel

– Why does it take so long to become a mainstream discussion to talk about cactus-based bio-fuel? The cactus is cultivated on farms to be transformed into biofuel. There are Mexico based companies that have successfully started production of this biofuel. What if we could have the option to use biofuel in our cars?

Algae Technology

Algae technology is another alternative that could resolve the problem of dumping wastewater in our oceans and transform it into energy. Many countries have issues with wastewater management some of which go into the ocean. What if we could use this to generate electricity? Why don’t we talk about it more?


Biomass is organic material that comes from living organisms, trees, plants, and animals that become a renewable and sustainable source of energy used to create electricity and gas. Based on the current for-profit vision of corporations there is a fear they would not be happy with working with farmers but that they would destroy forests to make space the plant crops that will be used for the process of biomass. What if we use it for the human and animal waste (sewage) management?

Renewable Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy could become renewable if we stopped mining for uranium and used seawater instead. It has been found that there is an infinite amount of uranium in seawater. This topic is rarely mentioned. With the rising sea levels could this be an option to look into?

Why is it that these alternatives are for the most part ignored? We should be able to look into all alternatives that could give us a solution that will not destroy the planet in the long run.

In above video: Dr. Vandana Shiva on how all the chemicals used in the Agriculture industry came from War times and transformed it into a toxic economy, how the wealthy have appropriated the green economy and change it to their advantage and how it is possible to transform it with biodiversity using the ideology the right way. Dr. Shiva is an Indian scholar, physicist, and food sovereignty, and seed freedom advocate.

We should pay attention to the challenges of these alternatives and ensure that the solution doesn’t cause more harm to the environment. Moreover, we should look into who is sponsoring the projects. Most big corporations are in some way linked to the fossil fuel industry.

There are startups and SMEs that are committed to research and experiment with renewable energy and green technology in order to bring actual environmentally friendly solutions. We often pay attention to celebrities or well-known faces that are simply representing the interest of a specific group that does not care about saving the earth. We should be able to exercise critical thinking and be open to hearing those new faces that are working on actual solutions.

Natural Resources and Wildlife

There are a lot of companies that are endangering forests throughout the world even though they say they are using their resources in an environmental-friendly manner. But they are not considering the dangers that they are posing to wildlife and the number of animal species that have gone extinct due to deforestation.

We know some of these companies like Nestle that destroyed forests for the sake of producing palm oil to use as an ingredient in many of their products including the beloved Oreo cookies, Kit Kat chocolate, and Nutella.  People knowingly or unknowingly continue to buy these products, so they never suffered a significant loss. They said they would change ways because the information was spread on social media, but the devastation continues as they never faced consequences. Corporations make real efforts investing in lobbying with government officials, and marketing campaigns, and it seems to work. One thing is sure: Big Money and Unaccountability are enemies of the Green.

 You may have heard of another incentive from the meat industry to find land to cultivate the feed of the animals they raise. It is one of the main reasons for the deforestation of the Amazon and the reason many people are considering going vegan. Of course, this is an opportunity for companies to exploit the vegan industry. One clear example is soybeans. Soybeans have many benefits as an ingredient and you can create many products with them like oil, milk, etc. As demand increased companies looked into ways to increase their production, one of those ways is to plant soybean fields in the Amazon.

Governments throughout the world have taken different initiatives to reduce pollution and preserve natural resources. The plastic ban is a recent example of such wonderful actions. However, there was an increase in paper bags, which is produced by cutting down trees. Hence, plus one and minus one brings the equation back to zero. It would be different it was made from recycled material but the recycling process in many countries does not work effectively to produce massive amounts. It is a part of the concept of circular economy to use, reuse and recycle/upcycle that is simple unknown to people.

It is imperative that humans around the world take necessary steps to preserve the natural resources and save different animal species from going extinct. If these initiatives are not taken on time, the world will collapse faster than we think it will. But we also need to come out of the shadows and exercise critical thinking.

Yes, we need to change but that change should not make it worse. Simply echoing what others are saying without taking a moment to analyze the pros and cons is not a smart decision.

Who are the Real Saviors?

We need to open our eyes and recognize the real saviors. There are many self-proclaimed climate activists and supporters that are there just to give lip service. They are not doing anything concrete to make the changes to save our planet which is why there is no progress. You also have foundations backed by the fossil fuel industry that invest in green initiatives, but they just do it to have a seat on the table to change the narrative to their advantage or simply shut it down. You also have those wealthy people that are simply there to make money in the most cost-effective way which may not be great for the environment.

We won’t go forward if we passively continue to listen to these people that pretend to care. We should be more aware of the required actions to move forward to stop pollution and deforestation and support those brave enough to take action. More importantly, we shouldn’t be distracted by trivialities that are often amplified in mainstream media and be more critical of those that don’t seem to be sincere in their support to save the environment.

In above video: Dr. Vandana Shiva explaining how large corporations take advantage of the green economy by collecting intellectual property rights, patents, tax exemptions, and how the collective of ordinary people have the power to demand and make changes.

Then who are the real saviors? Real saviors are those people who walk the talk like the real Earth Defenders. The real earth defenders are ordinary people on the front lines fighting against corporations and governments to save their people, the environment, and their lands. These activists face threats to their own lives and those of their family members. We can find concrete examples in Canada, the U.S., and the Amazon Region.

Those who stand with earth defenders on the frontlines in court are valuable allies that also face consequences. Not to forget the few left investigative journalists that also face treats when they report their stories. These stories should be on the front page of news outlets. They deserve our support.

Rather than buying a product you don’t need that will probably go on the shelf or in the cupboard, consider donating that amount to support Earth Defenders, the real heroes. Many of them are not covered by the media and when they do it’s just for a small segment. Find out who they are, get to know their stories, who are their allies, and why they choose the defend their people’s rights, their land, and the environment.

In the end, we should realize that it’s not technology, it’s not the wealthy, it’s not our celebrity idols that will save us. It will be ordinary people that will come up with extraordinary solutions and it is ordinary people that honestly care for their land, the environment, and their people.

Support those small micro-businesses that come with innovative and environmentally friendly solutions. In most cases, they will be taken over by corporations who don’t have the same goals as the founders. In other cases, if they have a high probability of success and pose a threat to disrupt the profitability of existing corporations you may never see that invention again.

But what if it was different? What if they were funded by ordinary people? What if you could get shares for every dollar you donate? Equity-based Crowdfunding is a financing method that small micro-businesses in this industry should try. You are able to set limits so one person wouldn’t able to buy most of the shares.

We have amazing people that we often overlook or ignore because we are distracted by the propaganda machine. Take a look at your community. Do you see people that are trying to help by cleaning up the street, selling organic food, selling art from recycled material, building up small-micro businesses? Take a moment to acknowledge their work.

The real heroes are not politicians, CEOs, or celebrities. The real heroes are ordinary people that fight for a better life on this planet. Some are fighting for their rights to have health care, education, equal rights, and clean drink water. Others fight for their rights to defend their land and the environment.

You could be one of them! Are you helping others have a better day? Are you concerned about the environment and you are doing something to contribute to your community?

See, we don’t need to look to the upper-class to find our heroes, they are among us. Look for their stories, share them, and support them.


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