The Green Corner “Learn The Green Way!” has been created by a pro-environment enthusiast with the objective to contribute to creating awareness about eco-friendly alternatives to help us save the planet for future generations.

Learning the greenway means looking into alternatives that will reduce the amount of waste that is being generated, ways to live healthier. Alternatives are not imposed but rather analyzed and discussed to obtain a better perspective on what needs to be done.

The importance of going green has become so relevant regarding the aspect of saving our planet. These days’ people are more concerned about environmental issues. The ecological condition is suffering due to numerous issues such as pollution, global warming, deforestation, extinction of biological species, and many more which is making our environment pathetic! The situation is getting worse day by day due to the absence of proper garbage and sewage treatment plants.

Today people have easier access to information and are able to see the irresponsibilities that are constantly causing harm to nature. The natural resources have not been able to hold the planet in a better way. Instead of getting speedy and rigorous solutions, we have come to a state where the problems are approaching an extreme that is affecting the value of nature and its welfare. There should be a rational way to find a balance between living our lives and conserving nature.


Why is it important to start now?

We are very much keen to figure out how to reduce our carbon footprints. It’s the effort we should take now onwards in order to save our planet for the future. The sad part is that very few people are aware of the importance of changing their lifestyle for the improvement of the environment by going green over time. To see the results in a few decades we need to start applying the changes from now onwards.

You are changing your lifestyle to ‘go green’ is not a waste of time. Going Green has now become a trend of its own industry and has gained so much popularity. At present, it has become a sustainable branding technique where dozens of different ways are there to reduce your energy consumption and waste. Rather it will add “green” to your lifestyle. You may not be able to see the results now, but within a few years, you will be capable of getting something big that is so much required.


The Reasons behind Going Green…

There are a lot of reasons to go green. Most important,  it is a huge money saver. The initiatives and upgrades might get expensive at the beginning but at the end of the day, it will pay for them in the long run. If you are living in a deregulated energy market luckily, you would prefer to go with renewable energy plans. These plans are more within your means than those that are conventionally sourced from fossil fuels.


Making Efforts

Home and OfficeSo every tiny step counts to build a healthy planet to live in. Just like the beautiful and lovable insect butterfly also plays a vital role in the ecosystem! Instead of acting as a pollinator, the butterfly can make tiny changes within a complex system and bring results out of it that are impossible to predict! 

In fact, the consequences of the Butterfly Effect can create differences in your immediate environment.  Imaging changing and extending your life by eating healthier and exercising, stop smoking, and drinking. You feel better and happier. The influence you can have on your friends and family could be significant as they try to emulate your way of life.   Just preventing the many diseases caused by malnutrition, obesity, drinking, and smoking is a good reason and motivation to help others around you.

On the other hand, we also need to be realistic and realize that in order to have an actual global and immediate impact on Climate Change the concept of the Butterfly Effect does not work. Instead of shaming individuals for not recycling or eating meat, we should focus on the corporations that cause the most pollution on earth. Having them change their ways will have a more significant impact. We need laws and policies on a government level to prevent corporations to do what they want with the environment.

We also need regulations on an individual level for public spaces. Waste bins should be mandatory, individuals should be fined for throwing waste, and recycling centers should be in place. It doesn’t sound that difficult, right? But the reality is that most places don’t have any of the above mentioned.

Most of the waste on earth is produced by corporations yet somehow with the help of local governments and the media they have cleverly shifted the focus on the individual. Having influence in politics and the media has been very good for their business.

The most effective way to have an immediate and significant change to handle climate change is to have laws and regulations on a government level that prevent corporations from doing what they want with the environment and that facility their citizens to participate in programs that help the environment. As long as we remain distracted by blaming each other, there will be no significant change. We should demand our local representatives that we voted for to work on our behalf to do their job.

 Going green is all about changing the current ways of living in more eco-friendly ways. It will help the environment and ensure our planet for future generations. You can make a big difference by going green.  Here at the Green Corner, we will share with you valuable information on how to go green and learn the greenway.

Our goal is to make our readers more aware of the existing eco-friendly alternatives that will help us reduce waste on this planet and improve our way of life. 

Our mission is to facilitate information to the public in order to increase the knowledge regarding existing eco-friendly alternatives. 

This does not mean that we won’t analyze the pros and cons of the presented solutions. We all want a clean green earth. In order to have that I must be realistic and see the potential effects and challenges, a solution could bring for the ecosystem around it, especially short-term solutions. If we accept, we should be able to prepare ourselves for the future consequences instead of acting like they don’t exist. 

Critical thinking is healthy and necessary to find long-term solutions to help our planet. It may not seem like it if you watch the media but its true.

We are more than happy to share valuable information with our readers and we are open to collaborations that will help us achieve our goal. We are aware of the importance of participating and collaborating with other team players that have our same mission.

Go Green

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Let’s improve our way of life and Learn The Green Way!


Asen June 11, 2018 at 4:46 am


I think that the Green Corner is a very noble cause since it becomes crucial with every single day to preserve our planet.
Your mission to spread awareness on the importance of saving our planet by going green is fantastic and I really hope that it would have a serious echo.


    TGC-LTGW June 11, 2018 at 10:57 pm

    Hi Asen,

    Thank you for your kind words and support. Hope to see you around on TGC soon 🙂


Dave June 15, 2018 at 8:07 pm

I agree that we have to change the current ways of living. We are wasting resources and polluting the environment too much. Therefore I am willing to learn alternative ways that are more efficient and cause less damage to the air, sea, flora, and fauna.


    TGC-LTGW June 15, 2018 at 8:17 pm

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Hope to see you around on TGC 🙂


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