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    Green Planet

    Green Planet

    In order for us to start saving the planet, more people are going to have to start adopting a change of mindset. With more people adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle and demanding changes from their local governments it’s possible that we could see less damage to the environment and the chance that we could see a greater longevity out of our world.

    Without a focus on saving extinct and living species on our planet, many ecosystems can be thrown completely out of balance. We need to realize that change is needed on a small and larger scale.

    Getting into the habit of adapting to green living could be the first step of what we as world citizens may need to do to preserve our planet for the next generation. Here are some of the top ideas about how you can go green and how we can live together in a healthier and more peaceful world:

    Get a Composter

    Getting into gardening for some of your own food can help to reduce waste and it can help to reduce the overall dependence that you may have on eating heavily processed foods. Buying a packet of seeds is quite inexpensive and it could feed your family lots of fresh vegetables over the course of the growing season. With the help of a composter in your backyard, you can make sure that any of the waste products from these organic materials can be broken down to feed all whole new year of crops.

    .Reducing waste with recycling

    Recycling and up-cycling remain one of the best ways that we can cut pollution as a whole. Even something as simple as reusing containers that you would traditionally throw out can help to reduce waste in a landfill and the resources that are required for recycling and processing. There are some people that have challenged themselves to make no waste for an entire year and while you may not have to take on this type of extreme for recycling, you can do what is possible to reduce your garbage waste. Focusing on packaging and trying to reduce your landfill footprint with a conscious effort can be a big part of green living.

    Using reusable drink containers

    Reusable drink containers are a very simple habit to get into and they can help to reduce your waste almost every day. When you consider the amount of waste that you would create in a year if you got a coffee every day, it could fill several garbage bags. Rather than contributing all of this extra waste to a landfill and using excess paper for the cups, you could prevent all of this with just one reusable cup.

    Watching your water consumption

    Freshwater can be difficult to process and it can take a massive amount of resources to produce. With the world’s freshwater supply dwindling with overpopulation, watching your water consumption now and being conscious of water consumption could help with conserving it and the resources that are needed to produce it. High-efficiency fixtures for your plumbing, monitoring your water usage closely and more, can help you save money and the environment.

    Opting out of driving

    If you have a fairly close commute every day or you are just running down to a store that’s around the corner, you should consider walking or riding a bike over the idea of driving. Fossil fuel consumption and carbon emissions are one of the biggest threats to the environment. With our dependence on vehicles over the past century, we have polluted the environment considerably. Any time that you can opt-out of using a vehicle or carpool with people, you can help to save the environment.

    Maintaining your vehicle

    If you do still need to regularly drive over long distances, you really need to maintain your vehicle. Vehicles that have not been properly maintained often produce more carbon emissions and this can work as an environmental hazard. Make sure that you are getting the routine maintenance and oil changes to keep your vehicle running smoothly and preventing it from over-polluting.

    Reducing your paper waste

    Opting for paperless billing and completing a number of your interactions online can actually work to reduce paper waste. Paper products can be extremely damaging to the environment as they require a large selection of trees to produce. Cutting down on your paper waste can help to reduce loads on recycling plants and it can make sure that you can save the environment by allowing room for more trees worldwide. Do what you can to reduce your paper waste by using E-tickets, paperless billing, and more.

    Making your home more energy efficient

    Focusing on energy efficiency throughout the home can help you to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. If more people were willing to focus on turning off the light switch when they leave the room or switching over high-efficiency lighting/appliances, we could work at reducing emissions worldwide.

    Sharing your experiences

    Working to help other people adopt a green lifestyle or find ways that they can conserve in their day-to-day lives is important. Have a conscious effort to speak about environmentalism with friends and family. Try to do what you can to share how adopting a green lifestyle has changed your life for the better and allowed for improvements to the environment around you.

    Making a conscious effort to go green with an eco-friendly lifestyle could be the first step of what we need to do as humans to start preserving our world. The next step will be to demand laws, regulations, and accountability for those corporations that contaminate our environment.



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    Go Green

    What do you think of these ideas?

    Do you have any additional ideas you would like to share?

    Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below

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    Dave June 18, 2018 at 5:27 pm

    I agree with all your points. I did get a composter and let me tell you my garden looks Green and I’m proud of it. The more people realize that we need to look for alternatives the better it will be. The plus is that these alternative are even in some cases more efficient and effective. I am glad you gave some attention to this. Keep up the good work!


      TGC-LTGW June 19, 2018 at 7:07 pm

      That’s Awesome Dave!
      I agree with you, change is needed to make progress.
      Thanks for your support. I appreciate it 🙂


    Matts Mom June 19, 2018 at 1:51 pm

    I try as best I can to be as green as I can. I recycle all of our trash, and have a recycle trash can and one that takes everything else. I have not started a compost yet. I do have one question regarding this. Do I need a compost bin for this? I could see this possibly attracting bugs, which I don’t want. Any help on getting started in this area would be great!


      TGC-LTGW June 28, 2018 at 11:36 pm

      Hi Matts Mom,

      You are doing great! Every little effort is valuable. Regarding compositing, you indeed need a compost bin but if you are creative you can make it yourself or buy one. On the article HOW TO REDUCE WASTE WITH RECYCLING? you will find a video explaining the composting process for beginners
      Again thank you for your contribution to the green cause and thanks for taking some time to read this article.


    Stephanie December 13, 2018 at 6:41 pm

    Thanks for the ideas on how to go more green. one thing I’ve been considering is communal ownership of things that you don’t use very often…weed wackers, some kitchen devices, food containers. I wish more people trusted one another and we could achieve everything we already do with less consumption.


      TGC-LTGW December 22, 2018 at 7:55 pm

      Hi Stephanie,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I guess it’s a learning experience for everyone. Changing the material to the glass rather than reuse the plastic is better. About the sharing (communal ownership), it really depends on how you organize it to keep it clean.


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