A Green Wave of Straws and Utensils

A Green Wave of Straws and Utensils

A Green Wave of Straws and Utensils

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We all know about the plastic problem that we are making bigger on a daily basis. We all are contributing to the problem by consuming one-single use plastic. But what can we do? Let’s go back in time. Many environment organizations like Greenpeace reported about this problem but why didn’t it resonate with people then?

The main issue when you are discussing about the ban of plastic is having an eco-friendly alternative to replace plastic. Today we do have eco-friendly alternatives, and we can easily replace one-single use plastics such as straws, and utensils for example. So what are those alternatives?

Instead of using plastic straws you can buy paper biodegradable straws, metal straws, bamboo straws or glass straws. From these alternatives, the cheapest one is the one-color paper straws you can find a box of 200 to 400 straws for less than $15 online. My personal favorite is the metal straws for personal use because of their durability. Instead of asking for plastic utensils when your order food simply don’t do it.  What’s the alternative then?

Well, we have the traditional metal utensils that now come in nice sets with their carrying pouch so you can take them with you everywhere. There are also the bamboo-made utensils. These do also come in sets. The sets of both metal- and bamboo come with straws as well so you have a complete set to use during your meals.

So, now we know we do have options. What can we do to promote these products, and get them to us? Take Action! Say NO to plastic straws and utensils.


An example: buy a package of paper straws and always carry them with you. Distribute them to your friends in theaters, restaurant, and coffee shops after rejecting plastic

Do you have more ideas on how we can grab the attention of businesses to especially, restaurant, and coffee shops investing in one-single use plastic?

Yes, yes I know what you’re thinking. The first thing that usually comes to mind is recycling. But if we wish to eliminate the problem on the long run we need to stop the buildup of plastic waste once, and for all, and that can be done by easily replacing plastic with eco-friendly alternatives created by inventive entrepreneurs. Why has it been so difficult so far?

Plastic is a product from the fossil fuel industry, an industry that seems to be protected by the wealthy. The governments are also not helping much. To be fair some do but today there are countries where the use of solar panels is taxed. Does that make sense? Fossil fuel industry is enemy number one of the environment. The pipelines pollute the earth and contaminate rivers; the plastic goes into the ocean or ends up in our flora and fauna. The factories and vehicles produce carbon Co2 that pollutes the air we breathe. Must I go on? I think you get the picture?

We do have the capability to create alternative solutions. The main problem is finding enough funding for those solutions. And when we do, keep our principles and not be influenced to sell the project to a party that don’t believe in the importance and necesity of the solution.

Let’s start changing our consumer habits, and reduce our plastic consumption.



Emily June 9, 2019 at 8:08 am

I’m totally on board with getting rid of plastic straws and utensils! You’ve really highlighted some great alternatives here.


    Dira June 10, 2019 at 1:51 am

    Hi Emily,

    Thanks for joining the cause. Every small effort has value and will contribute to reaching the ultimate goal: reduce waste (incl. plastic litter) to the lowest levels. Please help us spread the message.


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