Ignorance and Greed: Enemies of the Green

    Ignorance and Greed: Enemies of the Green

    Ignorance and Greed: Enemies of the Green

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    Colder Winters, Hotter Summers, More Hurricanes & Tornados, Higher Sea Levels, High Co2 Emissions, etc. In short: Climate Change.

    We’ve heard about this many times. Right? But unfortunately, it hasn’t been taken seriously until now after most scientists on Earth agree that it will get worse if nothing gets done. Even now that we see many people raising awareness there are still those who buy into the narrative of the Climate Change Deniers. Who are these deniers?

    There are those who like the status quo and get rich from the fossil fuel industry and there are those who are simply genuinely ignorant. The first group doesn’t want to hear anything about renewable or clean energy because they will lose money. People will stop buying their products. In order to prevent this they buy or take over startups in the renewable energy sector and they are able to influence politicians through their donations to make it more difficult for consumers to get these products. Think about high taxes on solar panels, and electric cars. Does it make sense?

    They are also able to buy people to join their camp. People that previously advocated in favor of renewable or clean energy suddenly change and go against the reality of Climate Change. They are motivated by greed. The second group of Climate Change deniers is people who simply don’t know any better. They follow the mainstream media who has many times not taken Climate Change seriously.

    Being in favor of Mother Nature doesn’t mean you ban planes and cars. It means we must find eco-friendly alternatives to use them like flying planes on biofuels and electric cars or any other alternative.

    “Wind energy doesn’t work during the winter” or “When there is no wind you will have no electricity”. Believe it or not, these are statements made in mainstream media. They fail to inform that the energy is stored in batteries that will be used at night or during the winter.

    It is very difficult to combat them but not impossible. Activist groups like Greenpeace have been fighting against big corporations and exposing their atrocities against mother earth. But these have been rarely reported in the mainstream media, therefore it is better to follow them directly and visit their website to stay informed on the latest developments.

    We live in the era of misinformation provided by the official channels, from television to newspapers, which force us to look at stories from different angles, from different perspectives, through several media outlets because most of them are reporting only one side of the story. We even have to question the sources and references they use because even that is questionable today.

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