Maintaining your Vehicle: Why is it important?

    Maintaining your Vehicle: Why is it important?

    Maintaining your Vehicle: Why is it important?

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    If you are working to prevent features like global warming, you need to do what you can to care for the environment. Vehicle owners are often to blame for some of the worst pollutants in the environment. As part of a green living initiative, you should strongly consider the idea of focusing on vehicle maintenance.

    Regular maintenance checks…

    If you own a vehicle it becomes your responsibility to control the emissions that are coming out of that vehicle. Regular maintenance checks on your vehicle can help to make sure that you can be helping the environment. If the check engine light comes on, for example, you need to immediately address the issue as you could be polluting far more than your vehicle normally would.

    Maintaining your vehicle means handling almost every simple maintenance task from changing your oil to cooler and radiator checks as well as regular inspections to make sure that your vehicle is working well as a whole. You may also want to regularly check your tire PSI often so that you can conserve fuel and prevent your vehicle from using excess gas. Regular checks on your oil filter, air filter, and more can also prevent your vehicle from using excess fuel.

    Can government regulation help?

    Part of vehicle maintenance is also beginning to fall under government regulation. There are many places around the world that are interested in making vehicles more eco-friendly by introducing mandated emissions testing as part of vehicle maintenance.

    In certain states, drivers may need to regularly go into a service station to get an emissions rating from their vehicle in order to keep their registration. A vehicle owner may be required to spend a certain amount of money on upkeep and repairs so that they can pass their emissions test and keep their car on the roads.

    These government regulations ensure that green living and car maintenance have become a requirement for motorists rather than just an idea for efficiency.

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    Dave August 9, 2018 at 4:32 pm

    Maintaining our vehicle is not only important for the environment but for our own health. People who are asthmatic suffer a lot when walking on the streets.n I know cars are not the only problem but it should definitely help to pollute the air as less as possible. The government can surely help but they should be serious about it.


      TGC-LTGW August 10, 2018 at 10:00 pm

      Hi Dave,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Each country knows how its government works, in most cases really slow. So in the meantime, it is the people that can make a difference. If we raise awareness, the noise can reach the government. Nobody would like to live in a city where you would have to use masks while walking because the air is so polluted. If we continue without measure that’s where we ware going.


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