Earth Day: What are we doing?

Earth Day: What are we doing?

Earth Day: What are we doing?

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On the 22nd of April, we celebrate Earth Day. Did you know? It is sad to say that this holiday is not as popular as Valentine’s Day, Halloween or Thanksgiving Day. Raising awareness on the state of Mother Earth is not as popular, and even if it was there are powerful interest groups that would work against any initiatives that are pro-environment.



How is the earth in 2019? Not well. It has many diseases needing an urgent cure:

-Air pollution;

-Ocean pollution;

-Water pollution;

-Fauna and Flora pollution and more species facing extinction.

-Fauna and Flora pollution and more species facing extinction.


Our home is dying, and we need to do something! The Majority of the pollution comes from the production and distribution of non- eco-friendly products, mainly plastic, from the fossil fuel industry. In a culture of consumerism, it may seem difficult to simply stop buying but it is possible. Like someone who’d like to stop smoking, there are alternatives to the actual product to help the detoxification process.

By now, there are many products invented that are perfect replacements for the problematic of single-use plastic but more inventions are needed to become mainstream popular. The problem here is that the inventors are startups, small business owners who don’t have the capacity to promote and expand on a worldwide scale. There is a high probability that the bigger enterprises are willing to buy the shares or the license and patent of the invention to prevent its success and avoid competition. It is up to the business owner to stay true in regards to why they started the business. Was the product intended to help the environment or was it just a side-mandate to make it more popular?



Even if you’re money-driven, the probability of financial success if you keep fighting and keep control of your business and your business ethics is higher than when you simply sell it today for an X amount of money. If you keep your business on the market and keep improving and updating your business value it will go up. We all can contribute to hurting mother earth less. Here are some suggestions:

-We can change the way we do grocery shopping; replace plastic bags with canvas bags, totes, recycled bags, etc;

-We can change the way we buy plastic; avoiding plastic at the grocery store today is very difficult when every product on display has some kind of plastic on it. At this stage what we can do is identify the plastic we buy. I know recycling is not the ultimate solution to solve the plastic problem but it is a good start. If we avoid non-recyclable plastic companies will take notice because it will hurt them financially;

-Choose for eco-friendly fashion. Many of our clothes, bags, shoes and other accessories are made from plastic, most of the times the non-recyclable kind. What if we focus instead on the recyclable fashion like leaf leather instead of animal or synthetic leather?

-Help the fight against single-use plastic by carrying your won set of utensils, and your own mug made of metal, bamboo or recycled glass;

-Like to write a lot at work or at home? Use recycled notebooks or use whiteboard inspired notebooks that you can reuse. With reusable notebooks, you can easily take pictures of your notes and save them on the cloud. No need anymore to use that much paper.


What do you think? What more can we do to celebrate earth day the right way?


Dave August 26, 2019 at 4:12 pm

Every day should be Earthday. We are allowing our home to be mistreated for money. It is disgusting!
We caused rising temperatures and now we are suffering the consequences. We should be more critical of the people we choose as leaders that make decisions in favor of businesses and science that goes against the people and the environment (like lobbying against a better infrastructure for public transportation and favoring gas/oil pipelines). However, it is very difficult to be critical when they invest money in lobbying in their favor and generate fear. Many will initially believe what they are told without further investigation.


    Dira September 2, 2019 at 2:29 am

    Hi Dave,

    Well said! Thanks for sharing your views.


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